Sean Dowdall

Traditional Chinese Therapist

Tui Na Massage, Acupuncture and Indonesian Massage remedies from Dragon Therapies follow the ancient healing arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). References can be found in the earliest writings on Chinese Medicine, making these some of the oldest systems of hands-on therapy still practised today.

Success at bringing relief to a wide range of physical and emotional ailments accounts for the growing popularity of these therapies in Western societies.

Therapies work in accordance with the theory within Traditional Chinese Medicine that Qi, or life-powering energy, flows through our bodies, enabling us to fulfil our potential. When Qi flow is disturbed anywhere in the body, imbalances that result can cause pain, stiffness, sickness, and emotional stress.  Therapies focus on stimulating the meridians, or pathways that channel energy throughout the body and are among the most effective ways to rebalance Qi.

Dragon Therapies recommends the practice of  Tai Chi, a gentle form of exercise that has fantastic benefits at any age, but is particularly suited to people who wish to maintain good health and mobility in their senior years. 

Chris - January 2010

“My husband was so impressed by the impact of Sean’s treatment on my health, that he too has had a course of treatment to help him recover from the effects of an operation.


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Fishguard - Cardigan - Llandysul

Sean uses Chinese therapies, developed over thousands of years, to relieve a range of common ailments suffered by many people. Increasingly, Sean is also using these techniques to help active people stay in top condition to enjoy their chosen sport. Some therapies are applied to the clothed body, others involve deep-tissue massage and Sean will always discuss with you to decide what therapies best suit your unique needs and preferences.